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Planning a wedding takes time, patience, and a little creativity, but all the hard work will result in a day you will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives. I feel so honoured that you have chosen to work with me and I am eager to be of service.  With over 10 years experience as a photographer, you are in good hands. Not only do I want to deliver a beautiful collection of photographs to you, I want you to have the best experience possible!  So let's get started.



Wedding planning is a lot of fun but it can be overwhelming at times.  Some brides thrive in the 'wedding planner' role, while others find it to be a challenge.  Whichever bride you are, I hope you find some useful tips and information here.  Included are tips for your photography sessions, a preferred vendor list, frequently asked questions and what to expect from me.  


Once booked, we will get started planning your engagement session.  Your engagement session can be done at any time prior to the wedding.  Once we decide on a time frame, I will be in contact with you a few weeks prior to decide where you would like to do photos.  Based on your vision, I will make recommendations and its up to you to give me the thumbs up or ask for more options.  If you are easy breezy and want to leave it all up to me, I will provide two locations, send pics and you can decide that way.  Once decided, I will email you a pin on a map to our location, an arrival time and any other details you might need for your photo session.     

One month prior to your wedding date, I will be contracting you for information about the wedding day.  Information like: day of schedule, contact numbers, list of all vendors, addresses, etc. and if the venue requires a walk through.  I will also be requesting to set up a meeting with you, either by phone or in person, for one week prior to go through all the details.  In this email, I will also be asking for your vision again on where you would like to do your 'formals' part of your wedding day photos.  I will do as a I did for the engagement session and find the location that suits best, send photos and make a plan.  

If at any time you have questions along the way, please don't hesitate to email!  


Engagement sessions are my favourite part about 'meeting' a new couple.  It's a chance for us to get to know each other a little better, with a camera between us, before the big day.  It gives me a chance to learn your comfort zones and you get some practice in front of the camera.  AND, it's a ton of fun.  We laugh a lot!  

Every one of my couples is nervous about the engagement session...so if that's you, that's totally natural and completely normal.  But don't worry, I provide a lot of direction.  But, the more open and relaxed you are, and trust in your photographer to deliver something that is authentically you, the better.  

Photography is an experience and a collaboration.  It's as much me, as it is you.  We work together to create something.  Getting a great photograph is about preparation; finding the right location, planning out your wardrobe and being open to creativity.  It all comes together and what you get is something pretty special.



Engagement photos are meant to be symbolic of your love and represent you as a couple.  I will be giving you plenty of direction through out our shoot, but don't feel like that has to limit you.  When I say photography is a collaboration, part of what I mean, is that I work with my couples to bring our their personalities and individuality. We work together, we meet half way and create something uniquely you.  Come with an open mind and open heart and the rest with come.  


Location is a pretty big part of setting the scene for a great photo because it is the scene.  Choosing a location is a fun part of planning for our photoshoot.  I take a lot of input from my couples and will ask questions like; where do you picture yourself in these photos?  Whether its something dramatic like the Rocky Mountains, a modern location like the Palliser parking lot or an understated path through Fish Creek, I will scout locations for you to find the best option.  


Just as location is important, so is what you wear.  Above all, you want to feel and look like yourselves.  But a photoshoot is something to have fun with.  I always say, coordinate but don't match.  Pick a colour palette that suits you and put together different outfits that work well together.  Play with colour and textures, layer up and throw in something unexpected.  Depending on the location, I may suggest a certain colour palette, one that will fit really beautifully with the scenery.

Most people have a gift for putting together coordinating outfits.  But some do not, which is why I have created a Pinterest Board specifically for this reason. If you find yourself lost or just need a bit of inspiration, take a look and you might find something that works for you. 

I invited you to choose two outfits of your choice.  Whether you'd like to dress up or dress down, that is up to you.


Have you ever heard of the magic hour?  That's sunset and I'm sure you can see why.  1-2 hours before Sunset is the perfect time for photos, that's because of the warmer light that is exudes.  Depending on the time of year, that will change.  We will touch base on a preferable time closer to your engagement session.   


When you photos are processed, edited and perfected, I will send you a link to your collection on an online gallery.  From here, you can view, share and download all your images right to your desktop.  You are welcome to share this link with family and friends or upload straight to Facebook or Twitter.  It's just that easy.  Expect to see your images within 2-4 weeks during wedding season (June-October).


If you scheduled yourself some getting ready photo time, then this is for you!  And I hope you did! The Getting Ready Session on your wedding day is truly magical.  I always say, Christmas Eve is just as magical as Christmas Morning and the Getting Ready Session is Christmas Eve.  There is so much anticipation and excitement and it's beautiful to capture a bride with her closest friends and family right before she meets her groom.  Here are some helpful tips to make things go perfectly perfect.

- Find the best window light in your home/hotel. That is where we will do most of your bridal portraits and details.

- Preparing early on in the day will make for a smooth transition when I come to do your getting ready photos.  When I arrive to do your getting ready session, it's nice to have all the bridal details in one spot.  

- Clear the clutter and keep the area we will do photos in clean.  Delicate.  Ask your friends/bridesmaids to help put things away and organize the room for when I arrive so I can get straight to work. 



Venue visits are done some time in the month before the wedding.  I do these by myself, but you request to join me, that would be great.  I like to visit the venues, even if I have shot there before, to make sure nothing a has changed as part of my preparation for the big day.


Your formals photo session on your wedding day is the photo time scheduled to do the intimate photos of the day; the ones with your bridal party and just the two of you.  Location will be dependant on how my time you have scheduled for this part of the day.   I will be making suggestions on where we will go based on our conversations about your 'wedding theme' and based on your venues locations for the wedding.  I will have a plan B in mind incase of weather.  Also, be allow for travel time when planning out your timetable.  


A list of family members included in your formals family session will be requested one month prior to the wedding.  Please ask a friend or a family member not included in these photos to organize and call out names on the wedding day.  


During the reception/dinner, myself and my second shooter (if included in your package) will require a place setting at a table that is convenient to get up and out of on short notice.  Dinner would be greatly appreciated!!  Please consult on dinner options, as dietary restrictions may apply.



When your engagement photos are processed, edited and perfected, I will send you a link to your collection on an online gallery.  From here, you can view, share and download all your images right to your desktop.  You are welcome to share this link with family and friends or upload straight to Facebook or Twitter.  It's just that easy.  Expect to see your images within 2-4 weeks during wedding season (June-October).  This gallery will expire 6 month post.  So please download as soon as possible.


Your Wedding Collection will be ready for delivery between 10-12 weeks, however, you will receive a preview before then. Once your package is really, you will receive all your professionally edited high-res photographs on USB and a link to your gallery with your wedding photos.  You can do the same you did with your engagement session photos.  This gallery will expire 6 month post.  So please download as soon as possible.


Within 2-3 weeks of your wedding and engagement session, expect to receive a sneak peak of your photographs.  Although I make every effort to prepare a full length blog post on every session and wedding, some times I just can't make my schedule and time it work.  However, I will provide you with a sneak peak in some way, shape or form.  I won't keep you waiting until photos delivery! 


When your collection is ready, I will prepare your personal online gallery where you will find your complete photo collection.  From here, you can download to your computer, upload straight to Facebook and share with family and friends.  The files that you find in your online gallery are low-res files perfect for social media.  Your high-res photographs will be delivered to you either via download or on USB.   

*** Please back up of all your files.  Use professional printing companies for best printing results.  You may also order prints through my professional printing lab.  Pricing can be provided upon request.  



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