Ok…so sometimes I just feel like trying something a little different!  I go shopping to get inspiration, buy bags full of clothing (usually from Anthropology or Free People) and then call in the creatives!  While taking my Bachelor of Design at ACAD, I would do this all the time for projects and personal work!  But for some reason, I just stopped…what the heck!?  It's so beneficial to get out there, explore what your mind can do and push yourself out of your comfort zone.  For me, I wanted to play in the shadows and find that very delicate space between light and dark.  AND oh boy…do love the dark!!

I find inspiration in fashion, colour and textures but really, inspiration is everywhere and usually in unexpected places….even where lazy, bushy little animals lay!!  Oh Baxter….I didn't anticipate is this little muffin cake showing up!  But when your make up artist brings the cutest little dog, you have to work him into the shoot…right?  Lil B stole my heart and made my day!  

model  |  peyton pastel    make up  |  jessie johnston     hair  |  heather ransome      pup  |  baxter

Calary Wedding Photographer 8.jpg
Deserae Evenson